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  • 16 September 2017 - Success at the National Finals!

    Well - we did it! We brought home some silverware coming 2nd in the 2nd section at the National Finals. A huge thank you to everyone in the local community that has helped support getting us there - it is very much appreciated
  • Saturday 9th December 2017

    Private function
  • Saturday 25th November 2017

    Christmas Light Switch On - Nolfolk Square, Glossop
  • August 2017 Prize Draw

    The August 2017 "Friends of Glossop Old Band" prize draw has taken place. There were 157 numbers (155 of which are allocated to members) in the draw, so a prize fund of £77.50 Winning numbers were: 1st prize - 30 2nd prize - 13 3rd prize - 118
  • Year 2 - and the 13th prize draw

    Thank you to everyone that has taken part in the Friends of Glossop Old Band prize draw.The July 2017 / 13th "Friends of Glossop Old Band" prize draw has taken place. There were 157 numbers (155 of which are allocated to members) in the draw, so a prize fund of £77.50 Winning numbers were: 1st prize - 105 2nd prize - 5 3rd prize - 95Just to explain, as we are now into month 13, this means we have seen the first round of renewals.  From the 104 numbers due for renewal, 102 numbers have renewed - meaning that the 2 that haven't, now have different rules applied to them (Any unsold numbers up to and including 100 will remain the property of the band, and if drawn, the prize will go into band funds in addition to the 50% stated) - both numbers are under 100.  These 2 numbers will be held unallocated until the October draw when they will be open for re-allocation - unless the original member contacts us before 30 September 2017.
  • Friends of Glossop Old Band - June 2017 draw

    The June 2017 "Friends of Glossop Old Band" prize draw has taken place tonight. There were 157 numbers in the draw, so a prize fund of £78.50 Winning numbers were: 1st prize - 95 2nd prize - 105 3rd prize - 39
  • Year 1 - 2016/2017 results

    MonthEntries1st2nd3rdFundraising Jul 2016 104 104£26.00 9£15.60 20£10.40 £52.00 Aug 2016 114 27£28.50 58£17.10 61£11.40 £57.00 Sep 2016 117 25£29.25 82£17.55 100£11.70 £58.50 Oct 2016 119 97£29.75 111£17.85 62£11.90 £59.50 Nov 2016 142 15£35.50 51£21.30 22£14.20 £71.00 Dec 2016 147 126£36.75 6£22.05 22£14.70 £73.50 Jan 2017 152 115£38.00 17£22.80 3£15.20 £76.00 Feb 2017 152 136£38.00 65£22.80 79£15.20 £76.00 Mar 2017 154 145£38.50 66£23.10 129£15.40 £77.00 Apr 2017 154 109£38.50 126£23.10 23£15.40 £77.00 May 2017 154 46£38.50 43£23.10 153£15.40 £77.00 Jun 2017 157 95£39.25 105£23.55 39£15.70 £78.50
  • Whit Friday - 9th June 2017

    An almost prerequisite event in every Northern Brass Band’s calendar Glossop Old Band took part in the Whit Friday march contests in Tameside. Under the baton of guest MD Billy Rushworth the band claimed 3 second section 1st prizes, 1 second section 2nd prize, 2 first band to play prizes and a special mention to Dave Richardson who won the prize for best solo cornet at Top Mosley contest (our 12th and final stop of the evening). The band played the contest march O.R.B which was written by Charles Anderson for the Oldham Rifle Brigade. Having managed to make it round an amazing 12 contests in the night the band were exhausted but had a wonderful evening.
  • Late Spring concerts

    The band have played concerts during late Spring/early Summer at St. Jame’s church in Glossop and the Ring O’ Bells pub in Marple to wonderful and appreciative crowds. The band have enjoyed these concerts greatly as they allow us to perform for our supporters and take a short break from contest preparation. We are also planning more engagements through the summer at Mouselow farm and  Boarshurst band club no name two.
  • Rehearsal

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Christmas Concert 2011

Hi fellows


what a great evening I had on the 18th. I cannot express how much it meant to play in the bandroom again after so many years, but what a bonus it was to meet so many of my old freinds and to be conducted by Jonah, who in no uncertain terms has shown what a grounding in the fellowship we had at Glossop can lead to if you have commitment. I know that several of my contemporaries went on to make great names for themselves within the higher echelons but I am sure that not one of them forgot their roots. Mine started with Jack Fletcher who heard me during a woodwork class as I was singing Hi Ho its of to work we go whilst spoke shaving a curly end of a bookshelf. To see the man who gave me the love of my life ( Eb Bass ) because I could not play a 3rd cornet part quietly enough for the solo cornet to be heard made my night. If you read this Jack, Many thanks.

Gordon Peacock

Whit Friday - 2011

It was a real pleasure to see and hear "my" band last night, playing brilliantly at Dukenfield where you took 2nd prize overall, beating Fairey's into 3rd place.  Nobody plays that cornet solo better than Blakey with his unmistakeable sound.  I couldn't see much though because of the light reflecting off the back of Stuart's head.  No sign of aging among the female members though - still as glamorous as ever; Julie, Mandy, Marcia, Jemma .... you haven't changed at all.  And Alison, how come you still look 18???

Well done to everyone.  You sounded fantastic and made my night very special.

Don Cooper

Christmas Concert

Thanks for the fabulous Carol concert last night, December 19th.It was well worth braving the elements to listen to your superb band.Your soloists were a revelation...what talent we have on our doorstep.Have we any pictures of our dame receiving her honours from the queen? Looking forward to 2011

David Haviland

Glossop Scouts World Jamboree Concert - Saturday 20th November 2010

On behalf of the Glossop and District Scout Jamboree Committee I would like to thank Glossop Old Band for the support they have now shown on two occasions to Scouts attending the World Scout Jamboree.

The evening was extremely popular and everybody that left the building commented on how much they had enjoyed the whole evening.  The atmosphere was excellent, the music  excellent and the evening was very much enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Please pass on our thanks to the Band and Conductor and also to the bar staff who worked really hard all evening and were also very helpful when we were dishing out the supper.

Thanks once again for a brilliant evening.

Chris Fawley



Glossop/Bad Vilbel Twining Association Concert, Saturday 10 July

May I, on behalf of the Committee and Members of the Twinning Association, ask you to pass on to all the members of the band on Saturday evening and to the bar staff our thanks for their hard work. The concert was well attended and I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves. The evening was very hot and it must have been hard for the band members to summon the energy to play the instruments.

Neill Manchee
Glossop/Bad Vilbel Twinning Association

Well done

The new website looks really good. Well done.

Jeff Lewis


Love the website and keep up the good work

Andy Truman

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